October 17th, 2014


BFM students reports


I received a piece from a puzzle. I puzzle that I don't know. It represents, for what I can guess, a world map. The part that I received has more sea than land and it is in the border of the map, so that you can see part of the scale line.

The only readable information on it, apart from the scale is a misterious word for me. "Vestvagoy". The word is not known for google maps, who says that the place I'm looking for is in the northern area of Norway.

I was really confused. I love that my piece is in the border of the map. I love that there is more sea than land, which keeps me in an unestable position and in danger of drowning. I love that just this word is readable, since it is the only way to find the place. But I wasn't expecting Vestvagoy.

Yet, the most interesting part was to come. For the further research that I did on the place, it seems that this place holds the best conserved and biggest Viking archeological site of all Europe. They have a museum and do research on its past. They also organise every summer a Viking festival and prepare original meals and groups visit.

This were great news for me, since in my past I know that I was either Viking or Rohirrim (also an elf, but that is in Skyrim and Dragon Age realities) . Not only because of my fair hair, but because of reasons and my love for medieval times, which is only surpassed by my love for Ancient Roman times. But that is another story.

For the last task you asked us (it rhymes) to write something for us; write something as authors; and write expressing our inner feelings and personality and character.

And so I tried. I imagined different stories from all of this fuss.

The first was the Captain in a Sailor. All of the maps and instruments of navigation had disappeared, nobody knows how. And the only clue that I have is this piece of puzzle. Which is the only hint for a possible landing, maybe the only one, for that is a bad omen, since the world may not be the same and the maps are not valid anymore. It is a sign of danger, since Vikings were never good news for no boat. And also an omen of long travel and uncertain odissey to an unknown and distant place that is, guess, very up north and cold (that is a presage of my travel from Spain to Estonia).

After that I realised that all of my crewmembers, as well as the pirates that are approaching in the distance to my boat, were me, or different realities and aspects of my psique. So I find myself discussing and arguing with I, me , myself. The captain is also angry because the ending of Moby Dick is filth, although he never thought that he would like so much a book on killing whales.

From there, the captain tried to focus on Vestvagoy, and in the Vikings that live there. They are celebrating an impressive feast on the succesful raids of traveling west and south.

Then the captain tried not to focus on the christians and people killed, and the valuables stolen and robbed for the wealth of the community. For the "greater good" (Echo: "the greater good"). That phrase always come with echo, I don't know why. He was there when the mayhem started. All of those stupid people running around, trying not to get killed or burned. They don't realise that Vikings mean death. But also life. And wealth and future, though not for them. May Tutatis bless you. His eye in on the sparrow.

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